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Good Day all, well I am Johnny and I am down to earth fun loving guy who is looking for someone that i can be with who will be supportive in my hobbies and my life and someone i can be a totally romantic with like cook them dinner and just curl up and cuddle to a good movie or whatevery someone that i can love and give my heart to... but thats about it if you want to know more please dont be shy and ask me ok .. I am also HIV+ and have been for over a year now and i am dealing with it very well i am healthy and i also have a good sense of humor so take me for who i am or just keep moving on ok but if you move on thats your lose ;-p well anyways please do feel free to ask me anything take care and my best wishes to you all . johnny
HighSchool: Henry Foss High School
College: South University
JuniorHighSchool: Jason Lee Middle School
Music: i like country, but i listen to all types of music if i can dance to it i am good to go.. ;-p
TV: Warehouse 13, supernatural, charmed, Teen wolf and a few more just to many to list
Books: i like sci-fi and anything that can keep me interested in reading it tough question cuz i have a few i enjoy reading
Sports: ?? i enjoy baseball, either watching it or even playing...and some others
Interests: well i have a lot lol i do amtgard, and i make gem trees and i write poems and i do a lot of arts and crafts
Movies: all the nightmare on elm st movies love em ... all horror movies , and action and drama and anything really
BestFeatures: i am not sure you tell me ... I think my best features would have to be my personality... or even my eyes ;-p
Dreams: i wish to be able to help others and to show support and just be there ....

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